DarkLight Internet

DarkLight is the last Internet connection your business will ever need.

It’s really that simple. DarkLight is built around cityfibre’s unique dark fibre network and is reaching more towns and cities every week.

DarkLight provides businesses with next generation ultrafast, ultra reliable and completely flexible connectivity every DarkLight connection can currently provide fully symetrical 10Gbps Internet connectivity speeds that’s more than practically any business will need for years to come but Dark light can go even further when the time comes.

What does this mean for your business?
No matter what speed your business needs now when the time comes we can upgrade you with absolutely no lead times or additional installation addon costs. DarkLight starts at an amazing 300Mbps for just £299 + vat per month.

Take a look at Darklight’s advantages or get in touch with us today to have a chat and find out if DarkLight is available in your area.

DarkLight for Business

The internet is ‘business critical’ for many of today organisations – profitability depends on it. DarkLight offers exceptional service level agreement at minimal cost

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DarkLight Features

DarkLight’s ultrafast performance, future-proof design and market-leading prices are just three of the many advanced features

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DarkLight Speed Comparison

You’re probably wondering how Dark light measures up in the real world here’s a handy comparison

  Tip: We’ve sped up this comparison to 30 times the actual speed. However, the time estimates you’ll see pop in are still accurate – with 10 Gbps DarkLight, you can upload or download a terabyte in about 15 minutes.

Approximate time to transfer an Terabyte (1000 GB)

*Gbps = Gigabits per second | Mbps = Megabits per second*

DarkLight - 10 Gbps

14 Minutes and 40 Seconds

DarkLight - Gigabit

2 Hours, 26 Minutes and 36 Seconds

DarkLight - 300 Mbps

7 Hours, 57 Minutes and 13 Seconds

Average UK Downloads Speed (as of 2016) - 28.9 Mbps

3 Days, 12 Hours and 15 Minutes

Average UK Uploads Speed (as of 2016) - 3.7 Mbps

25 Days, 10 Hours and 50 Minutes

For more information on IT Services for your business call 01977 602869 or email talk@contedia.com.

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