Give a little to get a little.

Our own business objectives and goals for the future success and longevity of Contedia are naturally a primary focus for us, but as a group of individuals with big hearts, there’s more to our business than the concern with profits alone.

Dating back to 1963, Inglebrook School was a small, independantly run, private school in Pontefract, that fostered the very best education amongst its pupils and nursery children and endeavoured to ensure all children fulfilled their potential.

Under the leadership of its extraordinary founder and Headmistress, Mrs Joyce Bellamy, Inglebrook provided a traditional education which prepared each child for whichever school they may later went on to attend.

With the pressures of maintaining the very highest standard of tuition whilst continuing to meet the requirements of a modern curriculum, which demands an early introduction and education in computers and the Internet, Inglebrook made a significant investment in equipment with which to introduce computer studies classes to its older students.  As is ever the case, it can be the professional services to install, configure and maintain such systems that actually outweigh the cost of tangible equipment alone and therefore Contedia were pleased to have been able to provide its services, free of charge, to fully equip and prepare Inglebrook’s computing facilities for use.  Our team even invested in and the decoration of the computer room with educational wall posters!

We continued to support Inglebrook in the maintenance and support of their systems in the hope that we were making a small contribution to the learning of computer use amongst the school’s eager pupils.

Sadly, Inglebrook school was forced to close its doors for good due to the falling demand locally, but our involvement remains a fond memory of being able to provide help to a local institution when it was needed.

Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people. It is dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change.


Crisis at Christmas


The prospect of being homeless might seem a distant, almost inconceivable threat to most of us, but what if…?  What if you were single, homeless and alone?  Contedia can think of no better way to make a small difference to the lives of those who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in such a dreadful position at Christmas than to make a small contribution with huge gains.

Rather than gift our valued clients at Christmas, we trust they share our thought that spending that same money on a charitable donation to Crisis is worthwhile.

Find out more about Crisis and the work it does here.

For more information call 01977 602869 or email