Our Mission.

Contedia has a core value, which is to go the extra mile!

Our raison d'être.

Contedia strives to provide an unparalleled level of expertise and customer service within our fields and our goal is to develop a brand which is synonymous with excellence.

We aim to create long-lasting and truly beneficial relationships with small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK.

In the North of England, and for organisations which need the support and guidance in the specification and maintenance of their IT and computer systems, we focus on providing exactly the right portfolio of products and services to assist our customers in their sustained prosperity and growth through the professional application of business technology.  Our support services provide an outsourced IT department to many businesses in the Yorkshire and Lancashire regions.

For organisations of any size throughout the UK, Contedia provides truly expert database application development services to create unique customer-specific ‘Custom App’ and web application solutions that drive increased productivity, efficiency and accuracy within our customers’ businesses.  Custom apps and web applications are truly transformative and one of the most beneficial technology investments any business can choose to make.

We target ourselves with making every business we work with better than they already are, helping them to grow and prosper.

For more information call 01977 602869 or email talk@contedia.com.

Don't settle for ordinary service, not all suppliers are the same.