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Working Remotely

Helping your business work better with Viva.

Microsoft has launched Viva to bring even more power to the use of SharePoint and Teams within your business. Viva recognises that people need to feel more connected, supported, and able to bring the...

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Successful businesses are making things personal.

For decades, there’s been a ‘secret’ to business success, but it has passed many by until more recent times, and the custom application (or ‘custom app’) development industry remains relativ...

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Combat the increasing loss of productivity from sleep deprivation.

According to Arianna Huffington, author of The Sleep Revolution and co-founder of The Huffington Post, "We lose 11 days a year in productivity because of the epidemic of sleep deprivation." ...

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Are SMEs really too small to get lean?

Technically 'lean' management within a business has no fixed criteria for how large the business must be or what type of products or services it must provide in order for lean thinking to work. A popu...

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Next Generation business Internet arrives in Leeds & Bradford.

Have you heard the news? DarkLight next generation fibre-to-the-premises access for businesses in Leeds and Bradford is showing leased lines the exit door as part of the Gigabit Cities program!...

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