Being average isn't good enough.

At Contedia we really strive to provide an unparalleled level of expertise, quality of workmanship and customer service.

We provide our Digital Services to customers throughout the UK, and our IT Services are available to businesses across the North of England.

Founded in 2001 by brothers Simon and Tim Guest, the company’s aim was to create lasting and truly beneficial relationships with small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK that were looking for accessible expertise from a business driven by high standards and focused skills, allowing customers to really benefit from a trusting, long-term relationship with Contedia.

We start with our customers and work backwards to create and maintain a business that is a trustworthy partner.  Whilst we pay attention to our competitors, we obsess over our customers.

Tim Guest, Managing Director, Contedia

We start with our customers and work backwards to create and preserve a business that is a trustworthy partner.  While we pay attention to our competitors, we obsess over our customers.

Two decades on, we have many wonderful customers, many of which consider our business an extension of their own.  Our Director of Services, Mark Jones, supported by senior staff, works closely with the two service teams and our customers to ensure high standards and deep meaningful relationships are maintained.

We’re a little conventional and straight-laced. We don’t cut corners.

We work hard to improve the efficiency, knowledge and professionalism by which our colleagues conduct themselves and the company has a core value, which is to go the extra mile, especially when so many other service businesses fail to meet even basic expectations.

Contedia’s Managing Director, Tim Guest, hates the mediocrity that plagues the IT services industry and has found that from the smallest, regional businesses to the largest global managed service providers, complacency and a lack of openness with the customer contribute to damaging the trust customers can have in any IT service provider’s ability to take proper responsibility for supporting their business and adding value.

Because of this Contedia really strives to achieve goals that are always focused on the continued improvement of the services and products we deliver to our customers. From the level of detail we go to in the delivery or summary of a service provided, to the information we include on our invoices, we aim to provide our customers with a type of transparency that our experience suggests is unsurpassed.

We take a very difficult and challenging industry and attempt to present it in a manner which promotes a deep level of trust, and provides our customers with a genuine sense of value and partnership.

Contedia’s provides truly expert bespoke software and custom application, web application and technical website development services.

We create function and feature-rich websites, e-commerce solutions and business-critical back-office database-driven bespoke software, custom and web applications.

Our work enables forward-thinking companies, throughout the UK, to unlock their potential with systems as unique as their own business.

Our knowledge and expertise in a variety of programming languages, application and custom application frameworks, databases and development tools allow us to propose and deliver the most fitting solution for each customer.

We’ve delivered solutions large and small that range from feature-rich intranet and extranet websites, to banking portals and business process management (BPM) and enterprise resource management (ERP) systems for automotive and manufacturing companies.

Our customers are proactive, innovative businesses looking to increase efficiency, market share, and profitability, and they just need to partner with someone that can understand their business and create custom solutions to their unique challenges.

Our IT Services team deliver, manage and support hardware, software and cloud services from a number of leading brands, including Microsoft, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Apple.

Contedia is a Microsoft Partner with 20 years’ experience in installing and supporting business networks, server and virtual server environments, cloud services, including Microsoft 365.

We specialise in providing heavily customised Microsoft 365 environemnts as a part of our Workplace Innovation services, allowing customers to capitalise from their Microsoft 365 licenses and benefit from effective integration of Office, SharePoint, Teams, Forms and other 365 apps and services.

Contedia has done more for us in a quarter than our last suppliers did in three years.

Ross MacMillan, eChem (a Faci Group Company)

Connecting multiple office locations using secure VPN and Remote Desktop Services technologies together with managing those connections is a particular strength in our IT Services portfolio, and we provide innovative voice solutions, such as Microsoft Teams Voice and Eve, for businesses looking to create flexible telephony that works wherever staff may be.

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Contedia are a fully accredited Nominet Channel Partner and tag-holder.

What this actually means is that we can provide our clients with UK-based domain name registrations and renewals that are managed directly by us, not a third-party ISP.

As a Nominet Channel Partner, all UK-based domain name registrations or renewals bind our clients to Nominet’s ‘Terms and Conditions for Domain Name Registration for UK-Based Domain Names‘.

Our Domain Name, Certificates & Hosting Services extend to the registration and renewal of UK-based and International domain names, SSL certificates, domain and website hosting services, either via our own managed, shared hosting platforms or by the provision of managed, dedicated Microsoft Windows or Linux web servers.

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