Our Customer Complaints Code.

If we get something wrong, tell us.

Should you feel it necessary to make a complaint about a service we’ve provided, please direct an email to complaints@contedia.com, call us on 01977 602869, or write to us at the address below and a senior member of our team will contact you within two working-days.

Customer Complaints
Contedia Limited
35 Southgate
West Yorkshire

We will aim to provide a resolution to your complaint within 28 days.

Escalating your complaint.

In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the way in which we deal with your complaint or the resolution we may have offered, you can contact Contedia’s Managing Director directly by addressing a letter directly to Tim Guest and, upon receipt, a reply will be provided within two working-days.

We will aim to provide a resolution to an escalated complaint within 14 days.

Alternative dispute resolution.

If, after both making your initial complaint and having subsequently escalated your complaint, you feel the matter remains unresolved and 8 weeks have passed in total, but less than 28 days have passed since Contedia last proposed the matter to have been resolved, then you may wish to refer the complaint to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme, to which Contedia has enrolled.

To provide an independent service to our customers, which is made available at no cost and is recognised by Ofcom as an authorised ADR scheme, you may contact CEDR Limited to register your claim. Details for contacting the company are as follows:

100 St. Paul’s Churchyard

Telephone: 020 7520 3814
Email: cisas@cedr.com 

Call 01977 602869 or email complaints@contedia.com to make a complaint.