A custom application for any business process.

There’s an off the shelf, ‘line of business’ application for every business process, right?

Wrong! Many businesses, in almost every industry, rely on spreadsheets, forms and ad-hoc databases to fill in the gaps left behind by rigid or costly CRM, ERP or other back office systems.

Since every business is unique so are its processes. But managing what are business critical tasks with everyday spreadsheets, email and so on stops businesses from being efficient, more consistent and ultimately more profitable. Custom applications, designed using the expertise of your staff, can meet your business’s exact needs, transforming and improving workflows or whole business processes overnight.

The answer to your business challenges isn’t always to add more bums on seats, it’s about creating a more efficient and automated workplace.

What are FileMaker custom apps?

Custom apps are custom applications designed using the Claris FileMaker platform. They can do as much or as little as you need them to do, but meet your unique business needs.

Custom apps can run on desktop and notebook PCs and Macs, on any device with a web browser, or on iPhones or iPads.

Fortune Global 500 Companies use the FileMaker Platform.

Businesses of all types use the Claris FileMaker Platform because it’s an easy and affordable way to create a custom app that solves business process challenges and creates new opportunities.

Claris FileMaker customers include:

Toyota Motor



Nissan Motor

BMW Group

Home Depot




Berkshire Hathaway





Cisco Systems


Delta Air Lines

Honda Motor

Deutsche Telekom


Johnson & Johnson

Procter & Gamble


Christian Dior



The right tool to solve your business challenges.

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks you need to do every single day? Are you having a hard time finding the right tool that's not overly complex and does exactly what your team needs for the right price? Choose the FileMaker Platform to quickly create custom apps that work the way you do.

Why choose the Claris FileMaker Platform?

More than a million people turn to the world’s leading workplace innovation platform, FileMaker, to help them overcome their unique process and resource challenges.  Contedia provides expert guidance and custom app development services using FileMaker and other platforms to create a perfect solution to any business’s needs.

Anywhere access

Use one unified platform to create apps that work seamlessly together on mobile devices, computers, and the web. Real time updates allow all users to access the latest information at the same time.

Out-of-the-box security

Centralize your information and safely access data using proven encryption standards. Manage group or individual user privileges — even for a single field.

Easy integration

Connect to existing data and systems with live, 2-way connections to external SQL data. Integrate with other popular apps and web services through powerful REST APIs.


The FileMaker Platform fits most budgets and is a great value compared to expensive enterprise applications or complex programming projects.

Global partners and trainers

Access a large global network of vetted partners to build your custom apps or to provide in-person training.


Create precisely the app you want using the intuitive graphical interface, flexible design tools, built-in Starter apps, and ready-to-use themes. Use built-in scripts steps to automate tasks and workflows. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud.

Built-in reporting tools

Create reports on the fly, make colorful charts, and easily build custom reports with a step-by-step assistant.


Securely share data with your small, large, or growing team. FileMaker Server supports up to 500 simultaneous users on-premise. FileMaker Cloud supports up to 100 simultaneous users via the AWS Cloud.

Proven platform

FileMaker, Inc. is an Apple subsidiary and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality software that delights customers year after year.

Comprehensive learning tools

Choose from a wide variety of resources — including documentation, videos, an online community, and an annual developer conference — to help you create custom apps or troubleshoot issues.

For more information about FileMaker develoment call 01977 602869 or email talk@contedia.com.
Make your own app for any task