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Next Generation business Internet arrives in Leeds & Bradford.

Have you heard the news? DarkLight next generation fibre-to-the-premises access for businesses in Leeds and Bradford is showing leased lines the exit door as part of the Gigabit Cities program!

DarkLight is an amazing, dedicated, 1:1 and totally uncontended, fibre service, direct to your premises, with a 99.99% SLA and it’s ideal for serious businesses that simply can’t be without fast, reliable connectivity, but demand unprecedented value for money and a business-class infrastructure that doesn’t rely on a BT, Virgin Media Business or Talk Talk Business backbone…which is a benefit in itself!

DarkLight services start at 100Mbps, fully duplexed (that’s 100Mbps up and down) for just £299 + VAT per month and can be scaled up to 1Gpbs and even 10Gbps and beyond with no further installation needed. It’s literally the only internet connection your business will ever need.

Get a 1Gbps connection for less than the typical cost of a 100Mbps leased line!

To find out more contact Contedia on 01977 602869 or email

For more information call 01977 602869 or email