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Helping your business work better with Viva.

Microsoft has launched Viva to bring even more power to the use of SharePoint and Teams within your business.

There has never been a bigger need for technology, information and meaningful insights that are designed to improve the employee experience and the ability to work effectively, from anywhere.

Before COVID-19 turned everything we knew about running a business upside down, a new generation of digital tools had already begun to offer new opportunities for the future of working remotely. What none of us expected was that the future would arrive almost overnight last March, as millions of businesses around the world were forced to react to the pandemic by leaving our offices and moving to our homes to begin to learn how to really work remotely, leveraging cloud and hybrid IT systems.

The steady adoption of cloud services was replaced by a frantic migration, and businesses have found success in their flexibility and robustness, allowing remote workers to access systems with relative ease.

A leader amongst these cloud-based systems has been Microsoft’s 365, with key services such as Exchange, SharePoint and Teams proving themselves to have great benefit in allowing continued communication, access to files and collaboration.

…people need to feel more connected, supported, and able to bring their best selves to work, especially when working remotely.

In the autumn of 2020 Microsoft saw the number of daily Teams users grow to over 115 million, as organisations had embraced a digital alternative to physical meetings and face to face conversations.

Armed with the data from the world’s most advanced social and technological experiment, albeit at significant cost, Microsoft has benefited its customers by delivering an expedited new feature development programme as a reaction that continues to recognise the needs and demands of businesses using its services in anger.

But, Microsoft themselves also recognised that people need to feel more connected, supported, and able to bring their best selves to work, especially when working remotely. For this reason, the’ve developed and entirely new intranet experience, called Viva, which runs within the familiar Teams environment.

Microsoft Viva

Viva has begun to roll out and will continue to be developed and receive feature updates throughout 2021 and beyond.  Contedia have embraced Viva as a core component of its own Microsoft 365 Workplace Innovation services, providing customers with comprehensive Microsoft-based solutions to file access, collaboration and business process workflow.

For more information about our Microsoft 365 consultancy services, please email Tim Guest or call Contedia on 01977 602869.

Free Microsoft Viva eBook

In Microsoft’s free and easy to read guide you can learn about their idea for a reimagined employee experience, Viva and the four core components; Viva Connections, Insights, Topics and Learning.

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