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Because things do go wrong...

Contedia provide a selection of computer and network maintenance and support services, which come highly recommended by our existing customers and are the result of our passion to go the extra mile.

From one day to the next, your IT systems are constantly changing. New files are being created, operating systems updated and physical equipment, such as your server, network switches and router are working hard for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even without the threat of a virus or malware finding its way on to your PC or server, it takes skill and care to maintain a business network so that it continues to provide your company with the services and tools it relies on.

We pride ourselves on our considerable experience, resolving computer and networking problems for so many businesses now that our skills far exceed those achievable by a company's 'in-house' IT department.  As a result, we provide every customer with the benefit of this experience at a fraction of the cost of employing a single permanent member of IT support staff, let alone a team!

Windows Crash

"They always find a solution"

Contedia provide both 'ad-hoc' services to new or occasional clients as well as annual IT Support and Maintenance Agreements that offer a comprehensive level of service and serve as a totally outsourced, yet dependable 'IT Department'.  Customers with an annual agreement benefit from a host of value-added services but most of all the peace of mind that we are always on-hand!

"Our servers have never been better maintained, and it shows"

Offering a refreshing approach to the technical support needs of any small or medium-sized business, we will demonstrate a genuine sense of responsibility and reliability, which is further enhanced by one of the main principles on which Contedia's customer service method was founded, a 'can do' attitude.

"When they say they'll do something, they mean it"

One of Contedia's key aims is to create a long lasting and truly beneficial relationship with SMEs throughout the UK who need the support and guidance in the specification and maintenance of their computer and network systems and to assist in the sustained prosperity and growth of those businesses.

Experience the difference Contedia can make to your company and contact us today on 0845 388 0845.


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